Million-Dollar Lawsuit Against Bayer For Damages Of Your Drug Xarelto

The pharmaceutical Bayer faces multimillion - dollar lawsuits in Canada for the damage caused by their anti - clotting drug Xarelto . The plaintiffs are asking the company 150 million dollars because the drug causes excessive bleeding that can lead to death. It is estimated that only between 2012 and 2013 have been at least 130 people die. Accusations the company are related to the lack of information and warnings about the serious damage of Xarelto.

Concerns about the safety of anticoagulant Xarelto , whose active substance is rivaroxaban, have increased worldwide in recent years.


The Coalition against Bayer Dangers , an association founded in 1983 by professionals which monitors the practices of the German company said that tests carried out with the drug resulted in around 58 deaths .


The Coalition confirmed from data obtained from the BfArM only in Germany and in one year were 58 deaths following the use of this medicine and 750 cases of serious side effects .

In India, at least four people participating in clinical trials of Xarelto died and the German pharmaceutical indirectly accepted responsibility by paying their relatives just $ 5,250 as compensation.


The process of approval of Xarelto was difficult from the beginning because of the many side effects and unexplained adverse long term. In the United States , Xarelto is marketed with the warning that patients should not stop taking the medication without consulting a doctor because it may increase an increased risk of stroke , precisely what is avoided with the recipe for this treatment.

In the US market the product registration to treat blood clots in the coronary arteries was delayed due to " high risk of bleeding " which was detected by the FDA federal health agency.

In February 2012, the FDA had already criticized by Bayer hide three deaths that had not been documented in the files submitted.


In Germany they have not long ago the first sues Bayer for damages caused by their contraceptive drugs with hormones. Specifically they cause an increased risk of thrombosis.


The Coalition Against Bayer Dangers requires the prohibition of drugs such brands as Yaz or Yasmin.


A Bayer will grow the problems. Many products challenged German house and much suffering they are causing.

In recent weeks it has grown exponentially the number of women who have joined the Association Affected by Essure in Spain . Essure device is a contraceptive that is causing many serious damage . Check-out this website to get more information here.

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